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Choosing or changing your career is a challenging hurdle. Our test-with-consult bundles make the choice and path easy for you. And they get the highest satisfaction ratings among all tests. Why? They come with full-scope career consults. Our professionals help you make the right moves to choose and advance your career with confidence. Best of all, they are discounted!

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Our Most Recommended Assessments

Our Most Recommended Assessments

  • Find my Best Career!

    Discover Your Best-Fit Career (guaranteed!)

      • Features revolutionary THAB* tool
      • For careers you DO best, and includes
      • MBTI®: careers fit your personality
      • SII®: 10 careers you enjoy most
      • Mesh these results…
      • Hit your Career BullseyeTM
      • Consults sort it all out with you!
  • Nurses Find Joy

    What Kind of Nurse / Healthcare Pro are you?

    • Discover your natural care style
    • Tips to flex your style when needed
    • To increase patients satisfaction
    • To avoid conflict or remedy them
    • Help raise CAHPS survey scores
    • And …  if/when you add …
    • THAB*: you find new healthcare careers
    • you’ll Smile!
  • Leaders: Lead Well

    Find your Effective Leader Abilities and Style?

    • Discover how you automatically lead
    • Find your natural leadership style
    • Uncover key communication habits
    • Revealed: Improvements to…
    • Effective communications, decision-making, managing stress and change
    • And …  if/when you add …
    • THAB*: your superior leadership abilities
    • With coaching…augment professional results
  • Lawyer: Find Success

    Looking for success as a lawyer?

    • Find your natural hard-wired lawyer abilities
    • Learn about your 5 personal style factors
    • Tap your learning and problem-solving style
    • Build your strengths; mitiage weaknesses
    • Key: your natural REASONabilitiesTM style
    • Best of all, find the Niche where success lies
  • RISE: Reach the Top!

    For Professionals who want to find more success!

    • Uncover Your Assets:
    • Your strengths and your smarts!
    • Your problem and decision style
    • Key in on your REASONabilitiesTM
    • Mitigate weakness or circumvent hurdles
    • And …  if/when you add …
    • Coaching… you accelerate results!
  • Happy AND Success!

    Want only BEST for your career and personal growth?

    • Two assessments reveal your keys
    • Reach success in career and life
    • Find happiness! at work and in living
    • One test reveals keys; other confirms!
    • If/When you add…
    • Coaching: find success and happy quickly!
  • FIRO for Relations

    Relationships are key to work and life

    • Quick easy test for key insights about:
      • Communications
      • Leader and executive development
      • Conflict management
      • Effective team relations
    • If/When you add…
    • Coaching: you transform work and life relationship
  • Careers on the Cheap

    On a tight budget? This is the best for less!

    • Three basic career test from Edits®
    • Covers interests, abilities, and values
    • These are essential keys to careers
    • Choose from list of career options
    • Private results and quickly!
    • Or find SII® for best 10 careers here …
  • Team UP

    For different types of teams in work, volunteer or personal relationships.
    Improve effectiveness in your  team:

    Choose the team you want to move ‘up’!

  • BEST for Students

    Save time and money:
    Discover your career through college path now!

    • Same as ‘Find my Best Career!’
    • But this one is Just for Students
    • Includes college and course information
    • Choose to hit the bullseye or the target
    • Save time and money with the right plan
    • Just for you!

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Stop wasting time and money! We can help you find the career path from high school through college right into your ideal career.  The BullsEyeTM Career Bundle wins our Parents Choice Award.  Or choose from our ‘happy’ careers assessments.  Regardless, all of our assessments will help you with one of the most important decisions in your life.


Looking to get ahead? Change careers?  Improve your communication?  Reduce stress or conflicts? Find your niche?  Want to land a job quickly?  You will find the help you need here.  Our  premiere assessments, superior resources, professional approach and coaching services help you obtain your goals…and the happiness you’ve been dreaming of.


All work gets done through people.  Get the help you need to build a superior team here. Or the insights to build highly effective leadership skills.  Our assessments lay the ground work for achieving successes, and our coaching services create success.  More…Our customizable team trainings are built around specific tests for tailored results.

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  • FIRO® FIRO-B® Assessment

    The Fundamental Interpersonal Relations Orientation® (FIRO®) is our most popular assessment.  Its a  theory of personality compatiblity developed by Will Schutz. FIRO® and FIRO-B® tool assesses an individual’s social needs and behaviors in three areas: Inclusion, Control, and Affection. According to the FIRO® , everyone has basic social needs for inclusion, control, and affection, and people behave in ways that satisfy these needs.**TestEts is an Official Licensed Provider of the FIRO® and FIRO-B® Assessments

    • Inclusion refers to the desire for social interaction and the need to be part of a group.
    • Control indicates the desire for power, control, and decision-making.
    • Affection is the need for personal relationships and affectionate interactions.
    • The FIRO® instrument provides scores in each of these three areas, which can be used to understand an individual’s social behavior and motivations.
    • Only Interpretative reports for FIRO or FIRO-B offer helpful suggestions and advice to improve your relating skills and for specific relationship situations, with colleagues, boss, subordinates, and peers.


    The FIRO® is our most popular assessment because relationships matter and are everywhere in our lives.  Mastering our relating skills is critical to much of work and living life.  It is used in organizational and team development as well as in leadership and management training.   Counseling and therapy find it help people better understand their interpersonal relationships.

  • Myers Briggs® Assessment

    The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) is a personality test that identifies your distinct personality types.  There are a total of 16 primary typologies.   Natural preferences are measured for four dichotomies: extraversion vs. introversion, sensing vs. intuition, thinking vs. feeling, and judging vs. perceiving.  The upgraded, Step II assessment,  preferences are reported for 20 dichotomous scales including the original four.

    The test is based on the theories of psychologist Carl Jung which were further developed by Katharine Cook Briggs and her daughter Isabel Briggs Myers. **TestEts is an Official Licensed Provider of MBTI® Assessments

    Test results  provide individuals with insights into their own personality and can be used for personal growth, career development, leadership, and relationships. However, it is important to note that the MBTI is a self-reported questionnaire and is not a scientifically validated measure of personality.  It is, therefore, important to have an individual consult with an expert regarding your results.  Persons are able to choose from a wide variety of reports that suit specific needs and goals.

  • Strong Interest Inventory®

    The Strong Interest Inventory®,  aka (SII®,  is a career assessment tool designed to help individuals understand their interests , and how these might relate to potential careers.  A great tool for STUDENTS!

    It was developed by psychologist E.K. Strong Jr. and is based on the theory of Holland’s RIASEC model.  The model categorizes careers into six broad occupational themes: Realistic, Investigative, Artistic, Social, Enterprising, and Conventional.  Research into the SII® offers more finely tuned results which includes a “top 10” list of most enjoyable careers.

    The SII® assesses an individual’s interests in various activities and work environments, and compares these to the interests of people in different careers.  It generates a report that suggests potential career paths. The report also includes basic information about work personality traits, learning styles, leadership style and values that may be important in career choice. The SII®  should be used as one source of information in the career exploration process.

    Customers can be assured of results because **TestEts is an Official Licensed Provider of the SII® or Strong Interest Inventory® Assessments.  Among the choices below you will find the highest recommendation for each level.

  • The Highlands Ability Battery (HAB)

    The Highlands Ability Battery (THAB*) is a revolutionary career technology which measures an individual’s natural abilities and aptitudes. Developed by the Highlands Company, it is based on the idea that everyone has unique, innate abilities and that these abilities can be identified and developed. This tool is based on 100 years of research by the military, Fortune 100 companies, and non-profit organizations.

    THAB* consists of 19 task and/or exercise modules.  Each module assesses a specific  skill.  Skill ares include spatial reasoning, divergent reasoning, convergent reasoning, personal style factors, 5 learning channels, visual and perceptual sensitivities, and more.

    THAB* results yield multiple reports with upwards of 100 pages of person specific information about aptitudes and abilities.   Interpretation sessions with an expert bring the data to life.   Reports to choose from include an extensive Career Report, Leader Report, Lawyer Report, Transferable skill report, and Work keys report. Furthermore, the HAB is a scientifically validated measure of ability or aptitude.  It is profoundly useful from high school and throughout an entire career.   Application for mental health and personal happiness also apply.

    **TestEts is an Official Licensed Provider of the THAB and one of just 50 Charter Members.
    *Marjorie Wall Hofer, aka The Career Profiler, is considered to be a Master in the interpretation and application of THAB.


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our #1 priority!

Our customers success: our #1 priority!

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