Build Your Ideal Coaching Program

Build a coaching package at the price that works best for you. We’ve made it easy. Simply walk through the steps below to choose program and price, review resources and the coach affiliate. And, yes, if you need to talk with the affiliate coach beforehand, click on their free consult link in step 4.

Step 1 Choose a Coaching Program
Step 2 Choose a Coaching Price Level
Step 3 Review Resources
Step 4 Choose Coach

Step 1: Choose a coaching program tailored to your needs and goals

Career Discovery Coaching: Achieve Career Decision and Plan

Career Discovery Coaching to Achieve Career Decision & Career Goals such as finding and launching ideal career, best fit career, passion career, dream career, niche career, or ultimate career.



3 to 12 Month Program to reach Career Goals - Choose your Coaching Level

Career Success Coaching: Achieve Career Goals

Career Success Coaching to Achieve Career Goals through career goals coaching. Reach Your Career Goals for Advancement / Career Advancement



3 to 12 Month Program to reach Career Goals - Choose your Coaching Level

Job Success Coaching: Achieve Job Goals

Job Success Coaching to Achieve Job Goals with Super Search job search tips, Ace The Interview, the home of the Power Resume, create spiel with compelling message



3 to 12 Month Program to reach Career Goals - Choose your Coaching Level

Work Success Coaching: Achieve Work Goals

Work Success Coaching to Achieve Work Goals through work goals coaching. Achieve Work Success by setting the right Work Goals for Performance Improvement and thereby achieving Performance Success at Work.



3 to 12 Month Program to reach Career Goals - Choose your Coaching Level

Performance Success Coaching: Achieve Performance Goals

Performance Success Coaching to Achieve Performance Goals such as productivity goals, efficiency goals, educational goals, and personal development goals.



3 to 12 Month Program to reach Career Goals - Choose your Coaching Level

Leader Success Coaching: Achieve Leadership Goals

Leader Success Coaching to Achieve Leadership Goals. Achieve your Goals with Powerful Leader Success Coaching. Coach Leader to Success.



3 to 12 Month Program to reach Career Goals - Choose your Coaching Level

My Mission My Purpose Coaching for Meaning in Career and Life

What is my mission? What is my purpose? How do you find your purpose, mission and vision for life? With this Purpose Mission for Life Career Program which focuses on helping you find your true mission in life & career, your real purpose in life and career and articulate a right vision for your life and career. Find your personal "My Mission", "My Purpose", "My Vision" from your soul's essence or your REAL core values. Discover what your true mission, purpose, vision is meant to be (from soul or heart) not what it should be (from your head or others).



3 to 12 Month Program to reach Career Goals - Choose your Coaching Level


Step 2: Choose a Coaching Level of service and pricing that best suits your goals.

Notice difference in number of :

  1. Coaching Sessions
  2. Coach-on-Call(**extra access between coaching sessions as needed)
  3. Coaching Resource options.

Compare our coaching levels

Choose a coaching level for the coaching program

Perpetual Peak Coaching (Level 5)

Perpetual Peak Coaching - Continue Your Success to Achieve Success Goals. Achieve success in any area of work or life after establishing your key goals for success. In expensive coaching price for long-term goals coaching.

Power Coaching (Level 4)

Power Coaching - Powerful Coaching for Fast Coaching Results of Any Coaching Program. Apply Intensive Power Coaching price structure to any coaching program

Progress Coaching (Level 2)

Progress Coaching for Development Coaching Results. Progressive Coaching is for Any Coaching Program. Coach Prices for advanced coaching format. Apply Progress Coaching Service to any coaching program.

Prime Coaching (Level 1)

Prime Coaching for Foundation Coaching Results. A first coaching program designed to do foundation coaching. Inexpensive prime coaching price structure to any coaching program. Inexpensive


Step 3: Review resources available with your coaching plan.

Coaching Assessments

  • CleanSweep - “clean “house” in key areas of your life to gain energy and vitality
  • Personal Foundation - comprehensive effectiveness program includes 3 other tests
  • TruValues - key values that motivate and define who you REALLY are
  • Biz Start-Up - 10 key steps to success for new or small businesses
  • Irresistible Attraction - 100 ways to be irresistible to right people and opportunities
  • Professional Manager - 100 key skills, behaviors and styles of highly effective managers
  • Leader Effectiv self-test
  • Spending/Debt Questionnaire - financial management selfeness – 100 character and behavior skills that try leaders naturally possess
  • Biz Whiz Success - 100 key factors of consistent business success and profitability
  • Class Act 100 - key traits, skills and qualities it takes to be a “class act”
  • Professional Practice - keys to build and maintain a rewarding, highly profitable practice
  • Reserve Index - advance steps to strengthen your excellence in six areas of your life
  • Staff Excellence - 100 key skills and qualities of highly effective professional staff
  • The Adrenaline Lifestyle - quick adrenaline addict self-test
  • Attachment Index - source of problems self-test
  • Stress Index - level of stress-test
  • Human Conditions List - bottom line source of problems self-test

Information Sheets

  • Survey Report
  • Executive Coaching, Fortune Magazine
  • Use your Coach to Make you Measurably More Profitable
  • Design a Breakthrough Project to Work on, One that Inspires you and your Coach
  • Start Getting Some of Your Personal Needs Met By Your Coach
  • How to Get the Most Out of Your Coaching
  • 60 Things Clients Most Want
  • Be Relentlessly Complete in All Areas of Your Life
  • Decision Models
  • What the Media Says About Coaching
  • Be a Person Who’s Boundaries are Uncrossable, But Who is Constructive about Protecting Them
  • Let Go of the Shouldas, Oughtas, Couldas, and the Deadly . . . If, Onlys.
  • Have a Message that Moves People
  • Reorient Your Life Around Your Values . . . Not Others’ Expectations
  • Lets Be Complete . . . Plug the Energy Drainers of Your Life
  • Be Responsible for all that Happens - Good and Bad - in Your Life
  • Want a Lot for Yourself . . . and Others
  • Be Professional in Every Respect
  • Share the Stuff that Keeps You Small in Order to Get Bigger


  • Promise Log - Goals you make for yourself, target date and check for completing it
  • Business Mission Statement - Questions to identify your niche and mission
  • The Big Goal - Graph to mark monthly accomplishment
  • Monthly Goals Chart - Graph to mark monthly progress on multiple goals
  • Special Project - Create special project goal and action plan
  • Debt Pay-Off Schedule - Chart to track the pay-off of multiple debts
  • Personal Budget - Annual budgeting worksheet
  • No Additional Paperwork

Specialized Assessments (Extra charges may apply to the following)

Career Power Package: (No extra charges)

  • CASI - Assessment of current career situation
  • SII - Career interest assessment (not values or ability assessment) - basic
  • MBTI® - Assess your 4 factor personality styles based on how one processes information - basic
  • SkillScan - Card-based assessment to identify your three top skills or strengths
  • ValueDriven Work - Card-based comprehensive values assessment tool

Comprehensive Personality Or Behavioral Style Reports: (Nominal extra charges apply)

  • SII-II - Expanded report and alternative careers choice in addition to SII assessment
  • MBTI®-II - Comprehensive report based on 20 factor personality styles
  • THABc - Best objective measure of natural abilities, competencies and performance keys
  • DISC - Behavioral communication styles and work performance matching reports
  • MBTI® Team – Team behavioral style and performance program
  • MBTI® Coach – Personalized report for coaching styles and management

Leadership Style Package: (Extra charges apply)

  • MBTI®-II Exec- Comprehensive report based on 20 factor personality styles
  • LPI - Assessment of self and others’ perceptions of key leadership behaviors
  • THABc - Objective measurement of your talents & leadership style and needs for happiness and success.

Individual Assessments for Specific Situations:(No extra charges)

  • Building Excellence - Comprehensive learning styles assessment tool
  • Career Anchors - Assessment of values and motivators and comprehensive workbook
  • SDS/Leisure - Quick assessment based on career interests
  • COPES/CAPES/COPS - Basic values, abilities, interest assessment instrument

JobDunk Worksheets (Sampling of job search tools and aids)

  • Action Word Verb List
  • Action and Power Words
  • Technical Action Words
  • Basic Skills
  • Document Your Successes
  • History Ladder
  • Strongest Skills Chart
  • Key Accomplishments
  • Key Words
  • ResumeBuilder Workbook
  • Resume Outline Details
  • Statement Formulas
  • Quick Resume Workbook
  • Resume Tips
  • Competencies
  • Power Resume Workbook
  • Power Statement Examples
  • Power Action Words
  • Qualifying Worksheet
  • Resume Samples for Chronological, Functional and Industry Specific
  • Cover Letter Samples for Sales, Marketing and others
  • Cover Letter Template
  • Cover Letter Tips
  • Messaging
  • Spiel Tips
  • Work Analysis for Marketing message
  • JobSearchTeam100
  • Career Contacts
  • ConnectionPoints to a Job Workbook
  • 10X10 Teams
  • One YES sheet
  • Network Memory Jogger
  • Network List Expansion
  • Ace The Interview Workbook
  • 26 Tips to Successful Job Interview
  • Information Interview
  • Interview Preparation Worksheet
  • Turning Liabilities into Assets
  • Question Preparation Tips
  • Win-Win Negotiations
  • Interview Questions List
  • Transition Resources
  • SuperJobSearch Self-Development Program

More resources, worksheets, tests are available upon request


Step 4: Choose the coach you'd prefer to work with.

Marjorie Wall Hofer (default coach)
OPTiM Development Systems, Inc.
Professional Certified Career Coach
25+ Years of Experience
free consult

My motto in Coaching is “Tap your Power to Succeed, Excel and Be Happy!” That’s what I help you do. In Career Testing and Consulting you can “Know What to Be ... with Certainty!” My experience and learnings from a vast number of clients over many years in the industry have produced these results for my clients.

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MBTI Myers Briggs - Personality Type TestStrong Interest Inventory® is the worlds best career test and yields the most satisfaction when combined with Myers Briggs® Career Test and/or Highlands Ability Battery (career aptitude test). BullsEye Career Program is the best.
Reports based on personal style or personality type testing for happiness
Reports describing learning styles, channels, and a variety of intelligences not iq
Reports based on natural inherent abilities, aptitudes, drives, needs for happiness and success!
Reports based on likes, wants, desires and enjoyments for career happiness
Includes coaching / consulting /counseling with certified career or corporate professional
Includes calendar for access to available time slots with coach /consultant / counselor

Adult BullsEye™ Career Bundle (Level 8)

Our best seller for career satisfaction.  Don't just find your ideal career, hit the bullseye. Discover key aspects about yourelf to find the best career for youThree of the top career assessments combine to produce ideal careers in your sweetspot.  And discover so much more about yourself for success at work and in college too.  Reveals your personality strengths as well as your natural abilities and those demanding expression (related to happiness and mental health).  Discover your learning channels, top work functions, top career roles with job title lists, audience you work best with, reasoning abilities for career fit, top task areas, 4 work success keys, and personal and work styles.  Don't just find your BullsEyeTM Career discover personal assets to manage your career for life, yes for life!   Receive career coaching during reviews. Satisfaction is guaranteed!  You will find your perfect career.
63 + 106 Pgs in 8 in 3 Reports From 3 Test plus 4 Consult and 5 AddOns
  • Receive 63 pages of 8in3 reports from 3 tests to find the absolute best career for you
  • Features the THAB student ability test which includes. . .
  • Extensive Explanation of Each of your 19 Natural Hard-Wired Abilities
  • Learn about Your5 Personal Style factors
  • Discover your Abilities which Unconsciously Demand Expression – the single MOST CRITICAL piece of knowledge for career success
  • Rank Order of 35 Specific and Transferable Work Task Areas (combination of abilities)
  • Discover your Ideal Work Environment, Problem-Solving/ Decision Making Style, approach to Communicating with others, and the audience you naturally resonate with
  • Discover How you Learn best so you can experience college success as well as career success in work which requires learning everyday
  • PLUS
  • Features the Industry’s Most Popular Career Combinations Package of Strong Interest Test and MBTI® Personality Type Test reports which includes
  • Career fit information based on both your career preferences or career interests and career personality
  • Your top 10 career match occupations based on your career interests provided by the Strong Test
  • Your top 5 career fit work activities and tasks that give you energy, satisfaction and fulfillment
  • Rank order of all 25 work activities to the degree that they are a career fit for you
  • information about your career fit scores for leadership, learning, team work, work style, etc.
  • Your career match occupation list based on your career personality provided by the MBTI® test
  • PLUS
  • Features the MBTI® Personality Type Test
  • Detailed explanation of your personality in general
  • Explanation of key features of your personality for best suited career and work situations
  • PLUS
  • Get personality book describing various aspects of your personality and specific career success components
  • Receive three career workbooks to explain test information and gain more career test information beyond college and career success reports
  • PLUS
  • Receive 3 CompreConsults so you can fully understand best suited career fit career match test information and apply it to your specific situation to find best career for you
  • PLUS
  • Receive on 1 SyntheConsult to pull all the career and college success test information into your best suited careers for success after college and a basic career success action plan
  • Persons who purchase Concise or Comprehensive Consult indicate greater levels of satisfaction from test results

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THAB ADULT All Access Reports (15)
MBTI® Interpretive Report
Strong Interest Inventory® Profile Report + Strong and MBTI® Career Report
MBTI Verification Workbook
THAB Clarification Workbook
SII Clarification Workbook
Career Test Analysis Workbook
PDF MBTI Type Booklet
Career Consult (5)
THAB College & Career Workbook
PPT Head Talking Points
PPT Head Stress Points
Client Intake