There are so many tests to choose from. And, how do you know if you are taking the right career test for your specific situation and goals? Your choice should actually be based off the right test categories.  You can see the list on the “Find Test” page, or you can use our tool to help you narrow down your choices.

It’s easy.  Choose the categories that fit your situation in the question blocks below.  Not all categories need to be chosen and you can change your choices to get different results.  Click submit to find those tests which fit your selected categories. It’s that easy.

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Step 1: Filter in your assessment needs

What is the reason or purpose for seeking a career test?

Business Success
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Happy Test
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Interpersonal Skills Test
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Team Building Workshops
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What type of career test are you seeking?

Abilities / Aptitude Test
Careers Test
College Career Test
Leader Test
Performance Test
Personality Test
Relationship Test
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What is your position, status or entity?

Manager Leader Test
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Student Career Test
Team Development Test
Tests for Adults: Careers Leaders
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International Career Test

Step 2: Filter out your Scope (optional, but recommended)

What quality or scope of information do you want to receive from career test? (associated with cost)

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Step 3: Filter out your Brand (optional, if you know your assessment brands)

What is brand name of test are you seeking? (optional)

Global Test for Work
Highlands Ability Battery THAB
Myers Briggs® Test
Strong Interest Inventory® SII® Test
Variety Career Tests